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Reasons why Installing Emergency Lights is the Need of the Hour

Contractors should install emergency lighting in their facility, irrespective of the size of their industry. Emergency exit signs play a vital role in keeping the employees safe. Contractors have to follow proper instructions to install tactile indicators to avoid deviations from the standards. When it comes to exit signs, there are options to choose from.¬†Continue reading “Reasons why Installing Emergency Lights is the Need of the Hour”

Why you Should Install Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Photoluminescent material contains inorganic chemical compounds that have the ability to store light photons, consequently showing luminescence over time. By installing Photoluminescent signs, contractors will ensure the fire protection system of their facility is updated, and the evacuation route is clearly marked. But, before installing the¬†Photoluminescent exit signs,¬†contractors have to ensure they comply with theContinue reading “Why you Should Install Photoluminescent Exit Signs”

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